Precision Engineering

2M Engineering provides customers with a professional and efficient precision engineering service. We are specialists in all aspects of precision engineering and have 20+ years of experience manufacturing components to our customers' specifications.

We undertake many projects large and small, and we also cater for prototype and development work. Our services include:

  • Full Precision Engineering Service

  • CNC Milling

  • CNC Turning

At 2M Engineering we strive to offer a fast and reliable service and always offer the most competitive rates. We follow the latest trends and developments in the engineering industry and our experienced team work to the highest standards of safety and quality.

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Full Precision Engineering Service

2M Engineering guarantees the highest quality workmanship in our precision engineering services. Our team of highly trained and qualified professionals have the knowledge and skills to provide quality work at a great price.

At 2M Engineering we offer a complete turnkey precision engineering service. We provide services including:


  • Tool Making

  • CNC Turning (Diameter : 600mm x 1500mm)

  • CNC Milling (600mm x 640mm x 2500mm)

  • Multi Axis Machining


  • Surface Grinding (W x H : 300mm x 1000mm)

  • Cylindrical Grinding (Diameter : 200mm x 700mm)

  • Balancing (up to 300kg)

  • Sandblasting

  • Design

  • Welding

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CNC Turning

2M Engineering cater to all turning needs up to a diameter of 600 mm x 1500 mm. We use multi-axis machines and have experience in dealing with all different types of materials including cast iron, plastic, mild steel, and stainless steel and special metals. We can also balance up to 300 kg. 

At 2M Engineering, we can manufacture one-off machine parts to large volume production and all of our machines are programmed using CAD/CAM. 

  • CNC Turning (Diameter : 600mm x 1500mm)

  • Multi Axis Machining Centres

  • Bar Fed Lathes

  • Manual Lathes

  • Balancing (up to 300kg)

CNC Milling

CNC Milling is a method of manufacturing that involves both drilling and turning machines to shape materials into a customised component.
2M Engineering’s milling capacity is 600mm x 640 mm x 2500 mm (w x h x l) and we cater to one-off machine part production and large volume productions.

All of our machines are programmed using CAD-CAM.

  • 600mm x 640mm x 2500mm

  • 4 Axis Milling

  • Manual Milling